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The Surprising Truth: Your Marketing IS Working. Here’s Why Your Revenue Isn’t Growing
Do you know the fastest way to grow your clinic’s revenue?
The answer: Increase the number of booked appointments from patients who are calling your front desk.
New patients and the several thousand dollars they each represent are already coming to you on the phone. They’re calling you every day. They call you because they have pain, discomfort, aches, and other problems that you have the ability and the desire to make better. That’s why you got into this business!
But how many of these new patients who call you get lost to your competitors? How many of them give up trying and decide to just “live with” their pain?  
We’ve been tracking call metrics to over 1000 clinics like yours, and we’ve learned two surprising truths:
Surprising Truth #1: Most clinics only answer only 70% of their phone calls. 30% go to voicemail, get put on hold, or never even get answered. That’s hundreds, perhaps thousands of lost calls every month!
Surprising Truth #2: For the average clinic, only 63% of NEW patients who call your front desk actually book appointments and receive treatment. (What if you could increase your conversion rate by just 10% with zero new marketing? How much is that worth?)
Put these two truths together, and you have found your missing revenue: Answer more calls. Get a higher percentage of the new patients to make appointments. Do those two things and nothing else, and your revenue will spike almost immediately.
Your missing revenue isn’t from poor marketing. Your marketing is working. What’s happening is, you’re losing tens of thousands in monthly revenue to a problem you can solve today, right now. And you can do it for less than it costs to take a doctor out to lunch to ask for referrals.
The big question is – HOW?
How do we convert more callers into new patients?
The answer is – you need a proven phone script that answers one of the four most common objections your front desk staff hears: “I will call you back later.” (In case you’re curious, the other three are schedule availability, insurance questions, and price.)
Right now, when your front desk staff gets told by a caller they’ll call back later, your staff probably just says, “Okay, thank you,” or some other polite conversation ender.
But how many of those people actually call back? Hardly any. Once they hang up, they’re gone, either to a competitor, or to second guessing whether they really need treatment.
You need to keep them on the phone until they book an appointment. Do that – even 5-10% more often that it happens now, and you’ll suddenly feel great about your marketing, even though you didn’t spend a single cent more on it.
We’ve created a phone script – and used it in other clinics like yours – that overcomes the “I’ll call you later” conversation-stopper.
Once you’ve trained your staff on how to use it (which takes only a few minutes – even the busiest clinic can do this!), they’ll run with it, and you can sit back and watch in amazement. 

My Name Is Rick Lau, and I’d Like to Make a Confession: My Marketing Was Working, and I Didn’t Know It!
How many more patients could you be helping?
Over the last 15 years, I built three multi-million dollar healthcare businesses, and owned a bunch of clinics.
But getting there was not easy. I had no business training. I knew nothing about marketing, recruitment, clinic operations, call centers, and all the other tasks you have to do besides caring for your patients – which is the reason we all started this thing in the first place.
One time, I lost my best clinician, and she took all her patients with her. I was afraid I’d become yet another clinic that would have to shut its doors.
I had to find a way to get new patients fast, and so I doubled down on digital marketing. I was miserable. I hated everything about it, because online marketing trends just keep changing, so as soon as you get something in place, it’s outdated. I spent tens of thousands on web development, online ads (facebook, google), SEO, and so much more.
But no matter how much I spent, I wasn’t getting enough new patients to justify the expense. It wasn’t worth it. I was fuming – “Why doesn’t marketing work for health businesses??”
I was wrong. It was working.
One day, a friend of mine called to say he’d been trying to book an appointment at my clinic. He said he had called my clinic four times. The first two times – no one answered. The third time – he was put on hold. Three calls, and no one helped him!
I was floored.
I realized my marketing was working – just like yours probably is. The problem was, I hadn’t trained my front desk people how to answer phones or in what to say.
I was losing new patients who were ready to pay. If I could just fix my phone scripts and procedures, it would revolutionize my clinics. And once I figured out a simple phone intake system that worked, that’s exactly what happened.
All the hard work I went through has brought you to me in this very moment, because you have the same problem I had:
You’re missing calls from new patients who have already decided they want your service! Maybe even more calls than I was missing. And some of the calls you are answering, you’re losing because your front desk hasn’t been trained in how to keep them on the phone until they book an appointment.
Now, you can give them that training, and it fits on a single page.  

The Call Booking Solution that Other Clinics Don’t Want You to Know About
How much is a single new patient worth? $500? $2500? If they become a long-term patient (and refer their friends and family), far more than that.
If you’re converting the industry average of 63% of potential patients into booked appointments, that means you’re losing 37 out of every 100 NEW patients who call in asking about your services.
Of those 37, how many told your staff they would “call you back later”?
With a simple and proven phone script in hand, if your team can book just one of those 37 lost patients who gets antsy when it comes time to pick a day and come in, you’ll make hundreds or thousands in lifetime patient value.
And that’s just one patient.
If you can boost your ‘new patient booking rate’ by just 10%, which from the average of 63% would get you up to about 70%, that’s 10 new patients you wouldn’t have seen before.
This is pretty simple stuff.
And in case you forgot, the best thing about this revenue boost is that it comes without spending anything on new marketing. Your existing marketing is bringing these callers already. You just have to get more of them to book an appointment.
The result? Hundreds of new patients per year. Tens of thousands in new revenue each month. All for $0 in new marketing. 
So – are you ready to grow? Then click the button below and grab your phone script!
Dare to Try Our ‘Call You Back’ Phone Script – Here’s What’s Inside
Don’t invest anything more in marketing. Your marketing is working! Use the Front Desk Script Training Toolkit and learn how to book a patient when they say “I’ll call you back.”

I’ll show you how to train your staff so you can help more new patients and bring in the revenue you’ve been working so hard for.

Inside the Front Desk Script Training Toolkit, you’ll discover:
✔  The real reasons potential new patients don’t book appointments
✔  Two words you MUST say when a patient wavers about coming in
✔  What it really means when a caller says “I’ll call you back”
✔  How to keep the conversation going
✔  The complete script for overcoming the ‘Call you back’ objection – fits on one page so your staff can easily keep it at the ready
✔  Rick’s story – how he went from frustrated and desperate about his clinic’s marketing to owning 3 multi-million dollar health care businesses
✔  Simple training guide for how to implement the script with your staff
✔  The secret to building new patient confidence in the quality of your care
✔  The absolute worst way to ask them to book an appointment
✔  And…. 2 special Bonus Strategies to help connect and build trust over the phone

Even if your clinic is doing well, the Front Desk Script Training Toolkit was written especially for you. Because if you could bring in $5,000, $10,000, or $20,000 more each month without spending any more on marketing, why wouldn’t you?
The Front Desk Script Training Toolkit simply boosts what you’re already doing. It’s a nearly effortless way to increase your call booking success rate by 5-15%. How much is that worth to your clinic and staff? This is something that just works. It will be a delight when you see it in action.
And, your staff will love you for this. Most clinic staffs have had little training in specific strategies for answering phones. They don’t realize they are actually your salespeople. You might not realize that either! But they are, and once they feel empowered by the training, they’ll thank you. It will give them a strategy to use, with measurable outcomes, and specific ways to get better.
It’s worth $297, but you get it now for just $20. Your office’s magazine subscriptions cost more than this, and they charge you every month.
This is a one-time charge, with no obligation to buy anything more, ever. Once you have it, you just use it, and watch the revenue growth start piling up.
Two Additional Phone Revenue Boosters - worth $500 - Free

When you buy the Front Desk Script Training Toolkit for just $20, you also get these two bonuses for absolutely free:
Bonus #1 – 30 Minute Implementation Call ($250 value)
I want the Front Desk Script Training Toolkit  to work for you. I want you to get more patients without spending more on marketing. It’s all I think about!

That’s why I’m also giving you a free 30 minute phone call with me after you buy the Training Toolkit. 

In this call, I’ll give you a couple fast tips for how to quickly train your team with the script and the toolkit, and what you can do right away to start winning more new patients over the phone that you would have lost before.

Once you’ve purchased the Front Desk Script Training Toolkit, you’ll be given the chance to schedule your free 30 minute call, and you can start upgrading your front desk team’s skills just a few days from now. 

Bonus #2 – Call Grader ($250 value)
Warning: You have new patients calling, and you’re not answering your phones!
Remember earlier when I told you about the two most surprising truths I’ve discovered as I’ve gathered data on phone answering?
The average clinic only answers their phones 70% of the time. So while the Front Desk Script Training Toolkit is great, if you aren’t answering three out of every ten calls, you’re still missing out on tons of revenue.
About 10% of calls to health clinics are NEW patients.
So if 1000 people call each month, but you don’t answer 300 of them, you’ve missed talking to at least 30 new patients EACH MONTH.
Do you know your phone answer rate? Most clinics don’t. It might shock and dismay you to find out how many calls get missed.
The Call Grader is an automated tool I created to test how often your phone gets answered. It’s pretty simple – it just calls your clinic over a period of a few weeks, and monitors how long it takes for someone to answer. It also keeps track when no one answers.
Then, you get a report. And when you do, you’ll open your eyes in astonishment at the missed opportunities to meet new patients. (Or, maybe you’re one of the few clinics whose staff is killing it, and they’re already answering at the 95% rate they should be).
Either way – now you’ll know your call tracking metrics, and it’s a free bonus when you buy the Front Desk Script Training Toolkit.
Here are two clinics who’ve used the CallGrader, and seen their revenue go up and their front desk’s phone call mastery improve as a result.

See how Jamie made an extra $15,000 in revenue with the help of CallGrader
Listen to how Ranah used CallGrader to empower her staff to use the Phone Script more effectively
Hurry – Only the First 100 Buyers Get the Two Bonuses
Here’s what the first 100 buyers get for just $20:
Front Desk Script Training Toolkit ($297 Value) 
30 Minute Implementation Call ($250 Value) 
Call Grader ($250 Value)

Now, you’ll know how often your phones get answered. You’ll have a new script your staff can use when they get told “I’ll call you back.” And you’ll have an elite training program to help them become phone-answering all-stars.

You get all this – worth $797 – for just $20.

That’s why I say, “Give me $20, and I’ll give you thousands in new patient revenue this month”
We’re Looking For 100 Clinics Who Want More New Patients with No New Marketing
Remember – only the first 100 clinics who buy the Front Desk Script Training Toolkit also get the 30 minute Implementation Call (so you don’t have to figure all this out yourself),  and the Call Grader (so you’ll finally know how often your staff picks up the phone).

If the page is still here, then the offer is still live, but I reserve the right to take it down at any time.

What if you’re not happy with your phone script training?  

Then take advantage of my “Love it or Leave it” Guarantee

I guarantee 100% that you will love the Front Desk Script Training Toolkit, 30 minute call and Call Grader. But if for some reason you’re not, I’ll return your $20 and let you keep everything. Just email me or call and give the number on your receipt.
Sound fair?

There Is No Catch!
Why am I charging only $20 for a front desk training that pays for itself many times over every single time you get a new patient by using it? 

You might think I’m doing what lots of other websites do. They offer you something you need for an irresistible price, but then stick you in some backend program that was buried in the fine print that charges your card every month.

You might think that’s what I’m doing here. But you would be wrong. 

There is NO hidden program or covert agenda here. You pay the $20, and you get the Front Desk Script Training Toolkit,  the 30 minute Implementation Call, and the Call Grader, and that’s it. Nothing else has to happen after that.

There are no further obligations to do anything but make money and help more patients.

So, why am I doing this? 

Well, if you read my story again – you already saw it earlier near the top of this page – you can understand why. I’ve been in your shoes. I know what it’s like to own a clinic but struggle with marketing. 

I’ve sold my clinics since then, and now I want to help clinic owners like you save the 15 years of frustration I spent figuring all this out by myself. 

I’m doing this because I’m an operations guy, not a marketing guy. And if I can get new patients without spending anything on marketing, I’m all for it. And I figure you will be too. 

I’m also doing this because once you see how much this standalone product helps your clinic, I’m hoping you’ll want to check out some more of my products. But I want to be absolutely clear again: You do not have to buy anything more after this. 

So, are you in? 
This Is Truly A Limited Offer...

Get Your Hands on the Ultimate Front Desk Script Training Toolkit.

And Get the 30 minute call with me, and the Call Grader – an $500Value for Just $20 – but Only For the First 100 Buyers

This has been an open letter to every clinic owner who thinks their marketing isn’t working.

Thank you for reading, and I hope to hear about your boost in new patients soon!

Rick Lau

P.S. In case you’re one of those people who just skips to the end, here’s what you missed:
For just $20, you can get the Front Desk Script Training Toolkit, a proven tool that your front desk staff can use to keep NEW patients on the phone who say “I’ll call you back later.”
You’ll increase your new patient booking rate without spending anything on new marketing. $0!
As a bonus, the first 100 people also get a 30 minute Implementation Call with me ($250 value), and the Call Grader Answer Rate Test ($250 value) to find out how often your staff actually answers the phone – absolutely free.
There is no catch, no gimmicks, no obligation to buy anything more later. You are NOT signing up for any backdoor trial memberships or monthly programs. This is a ‘buy it and use it’ easy one-time decision.
And, if you don’t love your Front Desk Script Training Toolkit (hard to imagine since this is one of the breakthroughs that helped me turn a struggling clinic into 3 multi-million dollar businesses) – then I’ll refund your $20 and let you keep everything – the script and the bonuses.  Its my Love It or Leave It Guarantee. 
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