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23 Killer Phone Scripts To Booking Even More Patients Over The Phone - By The Phone Lady
Do you know the fastest way to grow your clinic’s revenue?
The answer: Increase the number of booked appointments from patients who are calling your clinic. 
New patients and the several thousand dollars they each represent are already coming to you on the phone. They’re calling you every day. They call you because they have pain, discomfort, aches, and other problems that you have the ability and the desire to make better. That’s why you got into this business!

Excellent communication skills and call tracking remain essential for any dental office or physical therapy or chiropractic office that wants to continually grow its revenue base and keep patient experience high — and everyone can learn effective phone scripts.

When you or your front staff speak to patients, how are you making them feel?

Are you making them feel like you care? Demonstrating you are trustworthy? Supportive? Helpful? Or, are you making them feel rushed, unappreciated, and doubtful?

It’s easy to overlook the importance of how the customer feels. And you might even be wondering why this is such a big concern.

Here’s why: Because 70% of buying experiences are based on how the patient feels they are being treated. You need to fix any patient communication problems, now!

No matter what situation you're faced with, by the time you finish reading this training guide by The Phone Lady, you'll know exactly what to say to patients and you can train your staff to do the same.

Even a few changes in the way you talk over the phone can change the whole patient relationship — and we'll show you exactly what to change and how easy it is to do!

The training guide will cover: 

✔  The correct way to answer the phone and offer help
✔  3 easy shifts to engage patients more 
✔  How to deal with difficult or defensive patients so you can calm the situation and easily resolve things
✔  How to effectively put people on hold so they don't hang up and ring the competition
✔  What to say to get patients to commit to appointments so you can always keep your books filled
✔  How to be direct in a polite way so patients feel valued
✔  The most important words to include and avoid in patient conversations
✔  What type of call tracking metrics can boost your conversion rates? 
✔  Perfect phone answering scripts for dental offices, physical therapy and chiropractic offices
✔  And much more... 

This training Guide is brought to you in conjunction with our training partner Mary Jane (The Phone Lady). Mary Jane has been profiled as a communications expert by the Wall Street Journal, National Post, The Globe & Mail, CBC, CTV, Global, and has worked with over 400 clients training over 10,000 individuals how to communicate more effectively on the telephone and in person.

Inside this free training Guide CallHero and Mary Jane reveal 23 Patient Communication Strategies to Deliver Superior Customer Service — so you can crush your competition!
Even a few changes in your phone scripts can change the whole patient experience — and we'll show you exactly what to change and how easy it is to do!  
Free Bonus with the 23 Killer Phone Scripts
What’s the only way you won’t get to use these 23 phone scripts? 

If no one picks up the phone!

You may be shocked to hear this, but the average Answer Rate for medical clinics is about 70%. We’ve tested this for thousands of clinics. That means you may be missing 30% (or more) of the calls coming in to your clinic. If you get 1000 calls in a month, that’s 300 missed calls.

Missed calls mean missed patients. Missed patients mean missed revenue. And missed revenue…well, you know what that means.

How many calls are you failing to answer? 
How many are dropping off when you put them on hold? 

When you get the free 23 Killer Phone Scripts, you will also receive a free CallGrader Test. It’s an automated tool that will run a 3-week test and then produce a report about your Answer Rate. 

How many calls are you missing? 
How long does it take for you to answer the phone?
How much revenue are you losing that is calling you on the phone?

The CallGrader report will tell you. And you can get it free when you get the free Phone Scripts!

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