You Don't Have To Do It (Or Grow It) Alone
My name is Rick Lau. My team can help you build a scalable (and profitable) clinic so you can have more freedom in your life and sell it for millions later.
Dark clouds are forming on the horizon. With new clinics popping up on every street corner trying to steal your patients, a growing shortage of clinicians, declining insurance payments, shrinking margins, emerging trends like home health, tele-rehab, and medical marijuana, the margin for error on the business side of a health business shrinks with each passing week.

I meet tons of clinic owners who’ve realized that all they’ve done is create a job for themselves, rather than creating a business. Often they are "shocked" when they look to sell their business, and the value they’ve been counting on their whole career falls far short of expectations. In that moment, their heart sinks when they realize they can't retire when they had hoped to, and have to keep on practicing.

How does this happen?

Because on any given day, you are 
- Putting out fires (all the little problems that conspire to rob your time) 
- Struggling to motivate your team to buy in 
- Negotiating to keep your staff from quitting or setting up their own clinic across the street 
- Wondering who you can talk to that understands your health business  
- Puzzling over why your bank account persists in flatlining year after year 
- Secretly despising that you can't just unplug and go on vacation more often  

You know what I'm talking about. 

The longer your career goes on, the more of these piercing moments of clarity will flash across your mind.

You began with a thrill. “OMG I'm a clinic owner!” Over time, you’ve had to learn how to run the business side while still treating patients, a never-ending balancing act that takes more time each year.

You’re constantly asking questions like, “Am I doing this right?” “What should I do next?” “Is that a good idea?”, and feel ill-equipped to answer them with any certainty.

Your evenings become less about family, friends, and enjoying life, and more about catching up on paperwork and marketing. And there’s so much advice on the internet, and all kinds of paid workshops, it’s hard to know what to do and where to go. It’s simply overwhelming. And no one in your clinical training said barely a word about business. They left you woefully unprepared for the business reality. 

But you had to do something. So maybe you’ve taken a few expensive weekend courses and webinars and subscribed to a bunch of blogs. And none of it has worked. The information they give is great but you end up more overwhelmed and still not knowing where to start or how to easily implement it at your clinic.

It's not your fault.

You went to school to heal the world. Not business school. 

How to Make a Health Business Work Without Losing All Your Time

I want to save you 15 years of hard work and struggle (and expensive mistakes) so you can grow your clinic (or multiple clinics) profitably, and finally have the life you want. I've assembled a team of avengers who have collective experience of over 50+ years in marketing and patient experience operations.

This mentorship is all about giving you somebody to talk to so you don't feel alone anymore, someone who really understands clinics and can help you cut through the challenges with clarity. 

What you really want (and need) is to: 
1) Hire experts who GET IT because they've been there (or are there) so they can help you with your questions 

2) Leverage easy-to-implement tactical business training that keeps you focused, on-track, and moving toward big life goals like owning a MORE profitable business and having the freedom in your life to do what you want - like spend more quality time with your friends and family!

3) Build a valuable asset (your clinic) so it grows in value every year (like a house). Then, when you’re ready to retire, you can attract multiple offers from multiple buyers and get the highest valuation, and take the one you simply can’t say ‘no’ to

You need all three of these. And right now you probably have none. 
Here's a quick overview of my track record 
You Get Exclusive, Personal Access
Sanjeev Bhatia
Patient Experience Operations
Sanjeev spent over 15+ years to create the patient experience operations for both Lifemark (150+ clinics) and Myodetox (10+ clinics)
Darryl Yardley
Clinical Recruitment & Mentorship
Darryl (our clinical advisor) has recruited and mentored over 250+ students and new grads on how to be successful with patient engagement through their treatment plans.
Paul Moon
Leadership & Acquisitions
Paul spent the last 15 years as the chief operating officer for one of Canada's largest rehab companies with over 1400 employees.
Rohan Raheja
Rohan is a chartered accountant and spent the last 10 years in senior positions at KPMG, Microsoft, and Lifemark Health (150+ clinics).
Imagine doubling your profits, reducing your workload by half, providing an extraordinary patient experience for your patients – and on top of all that, building your business so well you can sell it one day and retire in the Greek islands.
Most clinics have it all WRONG!
They focus on marketing, not patient experience operations and leadership training.
Clinic marketing is great, but if those potential callers don’t convert into happy patients and actual dollars, it doesn’t matter - you’ve wasted your time and money. 

All I care about is getting you a flood of patients booked and driving more revenue and profit to your business. And for you personally, I want to help you put your business on autopilot so you don't have to be there everyday.  

This is possible. You can have it. And you don’t have to spend 10 years making mistakes, churning your wheels and getting nowhere.

Here is what's included in your mentorship program: 

✓  Strategic Game Plan Session:  You’ll begin with a game plan session to create a clear 90 day roadmap that ensures you are ROI positive within that time frame. We will tell you exactly what to do (and when) so you don't have to keep guessing and waste any more time. You get a game plan session so we have a clear 90 day roadmap to ensure you are ROI positive within that time frame. We will telling you exactly what to do (and when) so you don't have to keep guessing and waste anymore time. 

✓  Group Mentorship Calls: You get a private call with Rick or a combination of different experts ("avengers") depending on where you need the most help.  On this call, you get to work through challenges and frustrations that arise as you work through each module. Also, submit your ideas to the group for evaluation and critiquing. We will meet every two weeks for 60 minute calls to execute the patient experience operations modules in your mentorship program. 

✓  Training Vault:  You get access to all the videos, tools, checklists, scripts, documentation, and staff presentations we have battle tested with our clinics (and our clients) so you can easily execute any of the tactics we teach you with your team

✓  911 Emergency Access To Us: You get direct access to Rick and any of the experts on Rick's team via a private "Slack" channel.  We are committed to your business and will treat your business just like it were our own. 

More Clinic Owners and the Money They’ve Made
Many more clinic owners want to tell their stories but also want to protect their privacy. They’ve gained a big competitive advantage as a result of the mentorship they’ve received, and they don’t want any nearby clinics to get in on their secrets. 

Here are 3 of their stories: 
87% Growth! 
A multi-disciplinary clinic started working with me in early 2017. They have over 25 clinicians working as chiropractors, physiotherapists, and massage therapists. That’s a big clinic, and it was making over $2 million in revenue. The problem? No profit. With all those workers and the patients coming in, they weren’t making any money. 

Within 18 months of joining my mentorship program, they tripled their profits and grew their revenue by 87%.
Opening 3rd Location 
Early in 2018, a struggling physiotherapy clinic owner came to me for help. His problems were obvious and numerous, and he needed help solving them. He owned two clinics, but had no systems in place and no functioning clinic culture (so important for staff and patients!). As a result, he hadn’t grown at all in several years. He was stuck. 

Just eight months since joining my mentorship program, his revenue has grown 53%. But more important than that, he’s got both clinics running on autopilot. This freed up his time so much he’s been able to successfully open a third clinic. 
From Losing $ to Gaining Six Figure Profits 
Another clinic owner came to me in 2017, frustrated and discouraged. He had a $600,000 practice, but it was losing money. Can you relate to that?

We made some fundamental changes to his clinic. Most importantly, he let us, and also worked hard to implement them himself. This is what makes mentorship successful, when the clinic owner is willing to work hard to make the changes that will pay off big.

Less than 12 months after coming to me for mentorship, his revenue doubled to $1,200,000, and he earned a $280,000 profit. Not too bad for just one year! 

Are you a good candidate to work with me in mentorship program? Keep reading below and find out. 
Who Should Apply

Mentorship will bring great value to your business and life if these statements describe you:
 You're willing to take action after our mentorship calls. You MUST be an action taker who is coachable and ready to implement the tactics we share with you. Otherwise, we'll be wasting each other’s time.

You’re ready and willing to change the way you are currently operating your clinic. 

Whether you have one clinic or multiple locations, you want to make sure your business fundamentals are setup correctly so you can drastically grow your profits without always depending on YOU being there.

You want to earn more, work less and enjoy your life more.

Who Should NOT Apply

Mentorship isn’t for everyone. There might be a better way for you. If any of these statements sound like you, our mentorship is NOT for you:
✘ You don't have or want a health business doing at least $1M in annual revenues. 

✘ You don't believe in yourself and that your greatest gift as a clinic owner is to impact as many people in your community as possible

✘ You are not coachable and think you already have the perfect patient experience operations

✘ You like flat growth and don't want to drastically increase your profits this year.

✘ You don't want to learn our shortcuts and prefer to spend the next 20 years trying to figure it out yourself.

✘ You’re not willing to move fast, or you’re not interested in owning a business that allows you to spend more time with your family.

✘ You have self-limiting beliefs that will only hold you back - for example, “My clinic is different” or “This only works in the big cities” - if you are NOT willing to open your mind to other ways of doing things and possibilities bigger than your current thinking, mentorship is not for you
Thanks for taking the time to read this. 

I’ve gotten over 83 mentorship requests just this past year and have had to turn most of them away because we devote so much time to each person. I haven’t been able to take any new mentorship clients since November 2018. 
But very soon, I’m going to be opening up a few more spots. 

So if you are ready for my mentorship program, then please click the green button below and fill out the 1-page application.  

After you send in your application, you and I will schedule a Growth Session Call. This call is like an interview. The purpose is to help me get an understanding of you, your clinics, your goals, your vision and work ethic, and to determine if you are coachable and someone who takes action.

If I don’t think I can help you produce massive growth in your business – for any reason – then mentorship won’t be your best option.

After our call, I’ll look through the other applicants and choose the ones who best qualify, and invite them to our mentorship program this quarter. 

Please click the green button below now if you want mentorship. Fill out the 1-page application, and we’ll schedule a Growth Session Call.

Again, I only have limited spots left and I wouldn't want you to miss out on being chosen, or have to wait until more spots open.

You've really got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Especially if you want to double the profits of your clinic in the next couple of years.  So apply now. It's my honor to help you scale your health business and gain more freedom in your life to do what you want.      |       privacy policy