The Largest Clinic Owner Summit In Canada
June 6th-7th in Toronto, Ontario
What is Accelerate LIVE 2019?
It's a fact. As more clinics open up and emerging trends like medical marijuana and tele-rehab start to catch on. It's getting even more competitive. Patients have more options for care than ever before. Then on top of that,  you have the consolidation of healthcare everywhere (rehab, dental, optometry, medical)... 

And that's why the smartest clinic owners descend upon Toronto to learn what's new, what's hot, and what's actually working RIGHT NOW to combat all of this... and take their clinic to the next level in spite of it. 

If you're a Clinic Owner in a small town or big city, Clinic Director, Clinic Manager, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, or Athletic Therapist Accelerate is for you.

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What To Expect
Actionable Content You Can Implement
Accelerate LIVE is 2 full days of proven, actionable, and strategic content from leading experts on growing clinics. They've been in your shoes and turned their clinics into the leading and most respected in their area. All of the speakers are 7-8 figure clinic owners.

You won't hear any “conceptual thought” or “theoretical strategies” in any of these sessions like you hear at conferences. Everything you hear at Accelerate LIVE is tested, proven to attract a predictable, steady, new patient flow you can depend on... boost your profits, and give you more income certainty. You’ll be learning from 7-8 figure clinic owners on what’s working now, what didn’t work, and what they would do differently... saving you months and years of trying to figure it out yourself.

You'll be able to swipe and deploy these strategies by Day 2 to grow your clinic.

Speakers Who Are In The Trenches
It's one thing to take your clinic to the next level. It's another to actually follow through and do it.

That's why we put together on the stage people who have actually done it. You'll hear the latest strategies, ideas, and insights from the masters. Like Rick Lau who owned and sold a network of 127 successful multidisciplinary clinics.  Christian Krohn who spent over 3 million on ads and generated over 120,000 new patient leads. 

Kate & Evan, Multi-Million Chiropractor Clinic Owners. Sanjeev Bhatia whose spent over 15+ years creating world-class patient experience operations for both Lifemark and the fastest growing clinic brands in the world Myodetox. And many more.

You'll leave Accelerate inspired to take your clinic to the next level. Most importantly leave with a PLAN to automatically de-commoditize, predictably attract your ideal patients, and grow your clinic.

Meet Owners Who Don't Live in Your City
Many clinic owners feel ALONE. Most business owners you can’t relate with because it’s different running a clinic especially when there’s a shortage of clinicians. And you can’t just go talk to another clinic owner in your area because they’re your competitor. 
The best part of this event is you get to meet other clinic owners who don't live in your city so you don't have to feel alone and can talk with other clinic owners outside of your community.  You can learn from their success and apply it to yours giving you a huge edge. So you don't have to worry about sharing your secrets.

If there's a problem you're having in your clinic, more than likely someone there has experienced the same problem and solved it. Saving you months, years, and the stress of trying to figure it out yourself.

You will leave Accelerate LIVE 2019 having met, networked, and formed strategic contacts with people like you who can help each other out. 
At Accelerate LIVE you'll be part of an exclusive group of people called Accelerate Insiders.

Accelerate Insiders are a new breed of Clinic Owners who are smarter, leaner, and faster.

Accelerate Insiders rally together to thrive in the face of emerging threats such as consolidation of healthcare, million dollar marketing budgets, full time recruiters, insurance companies directing care, and guaranteed insurance contracts with low fees...   

AND Accelerate Insiders WIN in spite of this.

The future is alignment.

Getting more patients their outcomes, making more weekly profits so you can impact (and heal) even more people in your community. 

Accelerate Insiders stop running clinics the “Old Way” and instead adopt a “New Way” that elevates their clinics, maximizes value and allows owners to sell on their own terms.
Stop Running Clinics "THE OLD WAY"

Do Everything Yourself


Marketing will fix your problems


Randomly  checking your revenue metrics 


Living in fear if your staff leaves


Not sure how to overcome flat growth 

Start Running Clinics "THE NEW WAY"

Your leaders run your business for you


Operationalizing patient experience


Using "behaviour" metrics on a  weekly scoreboard


A lineup of people who would come work for you


Easily scale to multiple locations profitably 

Day By Day BreakDown
Here's what you'll be experiencing at Accelerate LIVE 2019
Day 1: Thursday, June 6th
Foundations & Operations
7:30 am: Registration Opens

8:30 am: The Future of Healthcare and Why Patient Experience Operations Matters. Consumers have more options for care than ever before. You'll learn what you can do now to combat the challenges and trends that you'll face in 2019 and beyond.  

Rick Lau

10:00 am: Clinic Owner Icebreaker. Meet owner's who don't live in your city so you don't have to feel alone and can learn from their success and apply it to your business and gain a hugh competitive edge.

11:00 am: [Workshop] How the most successful clinic owners get back an extra 5 hours each week and use that time to make an extra $15,000 per month.

Learn how Karen (this multi million dollar clinic owner) built the perfect work/life balance so she could spend more “present” time with her family.

Sanjeev Bhatia, Karen Craven

12:30 pm: Lunch and a chance to network with other clinic owners & speakers

2:00 pm: Learn 5 revenue boosters you can implement right away with your front desk operations to easily pay for this conference

These 5 ways are dead simple to implement and work whether you’re just starting out, 7, 8, or 9 figure clinic owner.

Sanjeev Bhatia, Jerry Durham, Matthew Laing, Raj Suppiah

3:30 pm: Ice Cream Break

4:00 pm: How to raise your prices every year without price resistance from your patients. 

You'll learn a clever way to raise your prices without any “backlash” from your patients… even if your competitors are cheaper.

Aaron LeBauer

4:30 am: [Workshop] How to talk to your clinicians about their bad numbers (patient self-discharging) in a way that motivates them to improve patient outcomes. 

What metrics you should be tracking.

A dead simple way to improve your patient discharge rate.

Paul Moon, Darryl Yardley, Krista Williams 

6:00 pm: Onsite Happy Hour Party - get delicious food, drinks, and live entertainment so you can network even more with owners and speakers

Day 2: Friday, June 7th
Growth & Impact
7:30 am: Doors Open

8:30 am: How to persuade talented clinicians to work for you instead... without having to offer them more than your competitors. Works even if they have better-paying offers.
Darryl Yardley, Karim Meghji, New Grad Clinicians from University of Toronto

10:00 am: [Owner Hot Seats] 3 clinic owners will have the opportunity to fix whatever is holding them back. Get situation-specific guidance for their toughest business questions from Rick, Sanjeev, Paul, and Darryl. 

Each Clinic Owner will get 20 minutes. You’ll learn ideas you can swipe and deploy in your own clinic.

Rick Lau, Sanjeev Bhatia, Paul Moon, Darryl Yardley

11:30 am: Lunch and a chance to network with other clinic owners & speakers

12:30 pm: The 10K Challenge. How to make an extra $10k in 3 months or less at your clinic.

It will be in a Dragons' Den style format in which our sponsors will have 1 minute to pitch how their product/service can help owners make an extra $10K to a panel of clinic owners who will judge them.  

Karim Meghji

1:00 pm [Workshop] Online Marketing Vs Doctor Marketing - What You Should Be Focusing Mostly On in 2019.  

Plus, you'll learn what's working now with Doctor Marketing so you can attract an endless flow of high-quality referrals.

Christian Krohn (aka God of Google) has spent over $3 million on ads and generated over 120,000 new patient leads. He'll tell you what's working now. 

Darryl Yardley who has built very successful private practices in multiple cities with mostly doctor referrals and relationships.

Rick Lau, Christian Krohn, Darryl Yardley 

2:30 pm: The strategy 7 and 8 figure clinic owners use to successfully expand to multiple locations and make a lot more money than having just one. Most clinic owners who expand make less money. This strategy will help you make more money.

We will be comparing the "franchise" vs "corporate" business model for expansion.

Rick Lau, Paul Moon, Scott Marcaccio (11 clinics), Alain Scheldeman (30 clinics), Gabriel Wong (2 clinics)

3:50 pm: Chocolate Break

4:00 pm: How this Multi-Million dollar Clinic Owner adopted the "New Way" to run a clinic and grew 30% this year.

Rick, Kate & Evan Durnin

5:00 pm: End

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This Years Speakers
Rick Lau
One of the top clinic owner mentors in Canada whose owned and sold a network of 127 successful multidisciplinary clinics.

Sanjeev Bhatia
Spent 15 years in the trenches running patient experience operations for both Lifemark (200+ clinics) and Myodetox (11+ clinics) 
Darryl Yardley
Has recruited and mentored over 250+ students and new grads on how to be successful with patient engagement
Maggie Bergeron
Owner of Yellow Room and Embodia (Canada's largest online education learning platform for physiotherapists)
Karen Craven, PT
Owner of multi million physiotherapy clinic in saskatchewan where many Olympic and professional athletics train.
Christian Krohn 
Known as God of Google. He has spent over 3 million on ads and generated 120,000+ physiotherapy & chiropractic leads.
Scott Marcaccio
Owner of Myodetox (11 clinics). One of the fastest growing rehab brands in the world that reaches millions of people via social media every month.
Alain Scheldeman
Owner of Action Sports, Canada's largest franchise of physiotherapy and sports medicine clinics (30 clinics).
Kate Durnin, DC
Multi-million dollar Chiropractor in Calgary who started her multi disciplinary clinic less than 5 years ago.
Jerry Durham
Owner of 3 clinics in San Francisco and helps clinic owners with implementing patient experience training with front desk teams to drive revenue.
Paul Moon
Spent 15 years as Chief Operating Officer at PT Health, one of Canada's largest rehab companies with over 1400 employees.
Matthew Laing
Owner of Foundation physiotherapy, three clinics in downtown Toronto with over 201 google reviews .
Evan Durnin, DC
Multi-million dollar Chiropractor in Calgary who started his multi disciplinary clinic less than 5 years ago.
Krista Williams, PT
Multi-Million dollar multi disciplinary clinic owner in small community of  35,342
Karim Meghji
Chair of Private Practice at Canadian Physiotherapy Association and owner of a highly profitable small practice with low overhead. 
Raj Suppiah
Owner of Foundation physiotherapy, three clinics in downtown Toronto with over  201 google reviews .
Aaron LeBauer
One of top consultants in the USA helping thousands of clinic owners start highly profitable cash based practices that don't rely on insurance. 
Gabriel Wong
This stay at home dad is the owner of two award-winning multi-million dollar clinics in Vancouver.
Rohan Raheja
A chartered accountant that spent the last 10 years in senior positions at KPMG, Microsoft, and Lifemark Health (200+ clinics)
Slava Blokhin
New grad physiotherapist from University of Toronto and co-founder of PT Business Corner
Soroush Peyvandi
New grad physiotherapist from University of Toronto and co-founder of PT Business Corner
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FREE Fast Action Bonus: Rapidly Identify and Resolve Your Most Pressing Clinic Problem on a Live Mentorship Call ($1,000 value!) 
For the first 100 people who respond you'll be able to ask your unique clinic questions on a 45-minute live mentorship call with Rick Lau... or one of his executive coaches if they would be a better fit for your problem. Then get situation-specific answers, solutions, and ingenious ideas that have worked wonders for his 8-figure private clients who pay him $1,000 an hour for a call. The knowledge you'll gain will more than pay for the event 10 fold.

As you already know more and more clinics are opening up every day now, declining insurance payments are on the rise, and margins are shrinking. This is no time to be skating on such thin ice. This is no time to be playing around with untested ideas and untested leaders. This is the time to strengthen your clinic.

If you feel that there are weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your clinic. If you feel anxious about having enough new patients. If you worry about attracting or keeping A players...

Please act decisively, the early bird tickets expire on March 30th. The likelihood the summit sells out early is also real. It sold out last time in just 7 weeks after registration began. The benefits of being here are proven. The time is vital. So click the “Reserve your ticket now” button below now. When the clock hits 00:00:00, then we're going back to full price. So NOW is the time to lock in your ticket before this price is gone forever.
Our Sponsors
Make an Impact. Your Ticket Will Go Toward Our Goal of Removing Hundreds Of Pounds of Plastic From The Ocean
We will be donating a percentage of the sales to 4 Oceans. A global ocean cleanup operation that’s stopping plastic pollution at its source, before it ends up in the ocean.

They created an idea to have fisherman shift gears from collecting seafood to collecting plastic for a living. They took the model of paying the fisherman per pound of fish to paying the locals per pound of plastic. From that model, they've pulled as of this writing 2,782,562 pounds of trash from the ocean and coastlines and growing every sec. So when you claim your ticket you’ll be helping them save the ocean for your kids and grandchildren. 
Hosted In a Toronto Landmark Beautiful Building With A Roof Top Terrace 
The event will be hosted in "The Burroughes", a Toronto landmark destination at the intersection of Queen St. W and Bathurst St.  This beautiful and charming brick & beam building provides exquisite prime event space with a roof top terrace offering the best view of the city skyline. 

Located in Queen Street West, recently named one of the coolest neighbourhoods by Vogue. Queen Street West is an icon of Toronto providing a hotbed of culture, boutiques, unique shops and interest other neighbourhoods strive to achieve.

You'll get an experience you'll never forget.

We are supporting the 2019 National Orthopaedic Symposium: Stronger Together.  We encourage all our registrants to stick around and continue their learning and networking after the Accelerate LIVE 2019 event ends. There is no better opportunity to come to Toronto and get the business training at Accelerate LIVE and afterwards take a 20-minute walk to OrthoSymposium to gain the latest in clinical training and evidence-based practice. You won't want to miss out on this 'once in a career' opportunity right here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Accelerate LIVE 2019 Event FAQ's...
What Are The Dates For “Accelerate LIVE 2019"?
Registration starts on June 6th at 7:30 am and the event starts at 8:30 am same day June 6th. The event concludes at 5:00 PM on Friday, June 7th.
Where Is The Venue For The Event?
The event will be hosted at the The Burroughes is located at 639 Queen St W Toronto, ON M5V 2B7. Since you’re part of the event you’ll get a discounted rate on rooms. We’ll give you all the details after you claim your ticket.
I'm Trying To Book My Travel. What Times Do I Need To Know About?
Event registration will be on Thursday, June 6th at 7:30 am. Then the event will conclude on Friday, June 7th at 5:00 pm. 
Can Anyone Attend This Event?
Yes, if you want to attract a predictable, steady, new patient flow you can depend on and/or take your clinic to the next level then this LIVE event is for you! 
Can I Bring My Partner, Manager, Or Friend?
Because of our VERY limited seating, every person must purchase a ticket to get into the event. 
Can I Get A Refund If I Can't Attend?
We are not offering refunds or transfer of tickets. 
What Should I Wear?
The dress code is business casual for the event. Our meeting room maybe on the cool side, so plan accordingly and bring an additional sweater, wrap, or jacket.
When does early bird registration end?
Early bird registration ends on March 31 2019.  Get your tickets before they almost double.  
Can I get a discount?
If you are a Private Practice Member with Canadian Physiotherapy Association or attending the Ortho Symposium on June 7th, you are eligible for an additional $50 discount.  You will be asked to provide proof on registration day to get these discounts.
Where should I stay?
Hilton Toronto Hotel: 145 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON M5H 2L2  Book your rooms at the discounted rate of $239.00 per night! Click here to reserve a guest room. We are collaborating with the so mentioned this conference to get the discounted rooms.  Grab them now before its too late.  The Hilton is a 20 minute walk to the "The Burroughs"
Any Other Questions?
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